Wster WS-858 Wireless Handheld Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone

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L.E80.000 /PC



السعر الكلي:

    Reverb Mode‎:‎ Echo reverberation
    Output Power‎:‎ 5W
    Frequency Range‎:‎ 100Hz‎-10kHz
    Max SPL‎:‎ >115dB
    Charging Voltage‎:‎ DC 5V
     battery capacity‎:‎ 1800mAh
    Details‎:‎ Wireless Connection and Cable Connection
    You can connect with your phone with cable or Bluetooth
    Turn on the singing software on your phone or on your computer
    With 3.5mm audio jack‎,‎ it is compatible with Android‎,‎ iOS phone‎,‎ etc‎.‎
    In this way‎,‎ you can hear your voice will come from the speaker
    Multi‎-layer Noise Reduction & Echo Effect
    Reduce noise and highlight the original sound with 3 layers‎,‎ inner high‎-density sponge‎,‎ middle network and outer network
    Echo effect is much like KTV‎,‎ you will feel liking being on the scene of karaoke
    Make sure that you can enjoy an audio feast
    High Sensitivity Microphone
    No need to aim at a microphone‎,‎ it can capture your voice with pickup hole
    High sensitivity microphone will turn your room into KTV in an instant
    Simple Operation
    No need to buy any accessory but you can enjoy the karaoke effect
    The easy and convenient operation is suitable for different groups of people
    Recording and Endurance Time
    Record the song as the instructions on the karaoke APP
    It supports almost singing software no matter on the phone or on the computer
    With 2600mAh battery‎,‎ it supports up to 8 hours of playing time and 360 hours of standby time
    Wireless Microphone Hi Fi Speaker With USB Port
    FM Radio
    Sing Songs
    Sub Devices
    Ft‎.‎ Card
    Record Songs

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